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An Update - The Clothing Collection

Noskin clothing vegan footwear

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Hey everyone,

It’s Tony here, co-founder and the person who runs the show here at Noskin.

This blog may look a little serious.

But don’t worry - this is exciting news!

First off - thanks for reading this update. If you’re taking the time to read this, you’re a legend, and we appreciate you taking an interest in what we’re doing here!

I’ll keep this brief. Time is precious, and I’ve got a to-do list longer than an Iron Maiden tour schedule.


Two years ago, we started with a mission. 

A mission to make vegan footwear and clothing as cool, if not cooler, than other brands that we loved.

It’s been amazing seeing the products you have been most interested in, and with that, it’s helped us to understand where our time is best spent. 

Additionally, we’ve realised it’s quite a stretch to not only release, and market, but also fund our endeavours in both clothing and footwear.

So with that - we’ve decided that from winter 2023 onwards, we’ll be focussing our efforts on what we feel makes the most impact and produces the best chance of success for us as a brand. 
And that focus is on being the best fucking vegan footwear brand in the world. 

We’ll still be offering some key outerwear pieces, where we can incorporate something that isn’t easily available without animal products. (Our bomber jacket aint going anywhere!)

But for now, we’ll be saying goodbye to some of our staple clothing styles, including our denim and shirting ranges. 

Still reading? Love it!

Here’s a bit of fashion industry secrecy for you… 

To make clothing from sustainable materials, you have to place really big orders - because the fabric isn’t in such high demand. 

As a result, we encounter what I call ‘the paradox of sustainable fashion’ 

The materials themselves are more sustainable. The practices are more ethical. But the volumes we order are not sustainable for us as a company of this size. 

And the last thing any of us wants, is to have to introduce new styles to keep the range interesting, whilst literally discarding unsold items. 

That’s the dangerous trap that takes you into the realm of fast fashion.

We’re not going to fall for that one. 

So… where from here? 

We’ve been working around the clock, designing new shoe styles to be released over the next 12 months. Because this is what gets us pumped every morning. This is where we feel we can really achieve our goal of making vegan fashion appealing for everyone.

And in the meantime…

In March 2023, we’ll be holding a big sale on all of our clothing. Up to 50% off our existing items. 

Because the truth is - we’re a small business, and to redirect ourselves into footwear. We need cashflow - and we don’t ever want to be in a position where we have clothing that gets pointlessly discarded when we stop advertising it as heavily. 

We’d rather it was on your backs (or legs) and parading around town, getting the love it deserves.

But for real - when the sizes in our denim, our shirting, our hemp worker jacket and our tshirts are gone - they’re gone FOREVER.

We don’t want to make a habit of sales, and there certainly won’t be one like this again. (And our core footwear range never goes on sale. That’s not how we roll)

So keep an eye on the site to get a great price on our clothing. 

To everyone who has bought our denim and shirting items, we really appreciate the love and feedback you've shown for the clothing, and who knows, maybe it's something we'll pick up again down the line.

Thank you for your support of what we’re doing. We’re excited to show you what we’ve got coming up over the next 12 months! 


Tony & The Noskin Team x

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