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Noskin vegan footwear

Thanks again for shopping with us! We hope you're loving the items you received. 

If you're looking for more information regarding returns and exchanges, you can find that on this link.

If you're looking for more information on how to look after your new items, then we appreciate you! By taking care of your clothing and footwear, you're increasing its lifecycle and contributing to a more sustainable fashion system. Legend! 

Chelsea Boots, Combat Boots, and Derby Shoes

Noskin boots are made from the waterproof, lightweight, breathable material microfibre PU. The sole is made with a FSC-approved rubber. 

Keep your boots clean from everyday wear by brushing off dirt with a shoe brush and regularly washing them with some mild dish soap or a solution of water and rubbing alcohol, applied with a damp lint-free cloth. Leave them to air dry for an hour or two afterwards. 

You’ll find these boots easy to clean and, because they are waterproof, most dirt can be washed or wiped away without trouble. 

We advise against using commercial cleaning products such as bleach or acetone on your boots as it may damage the material. 

If you’re a big walker and your soles wear down over time, please reach out to us at for help with resoling. We work with a local cobbler in Melbourne who can restore your shoes so you’re good to keep going!

Selvedge Denim

As with most denim, the golden rule for our Selvedge denim is to wash them minimally. 

But, when you do get to the point where they need a refresh, be sure to wash them inside out, either alone or with like colours. Machine-wash them on a cold and gentle setting, or hand wash them with cold water, using a mild detergent. If hand washing, soak them for 45 minutes. Leave your jeans to air dry and voilà!

Hemp Worker Jackets, Easey Shirts, T-shirts, Long sleeve Jerseys, and Crew Sweaters

Our hemp worker jacket, Easey shirts (long sleeve and short sleeve) are made from a carefully selected heavyweight blend of hemp and organic cotton. 

Our t-shirts and long sleeve jerseys are 100% organic cotton, while our Crew sweaters are 80% organic cotton blend with poly for breathability, comfort and durability. 

Care instructions can be found in the inner label of all our shirts and jackets. All of them can be machine-washed inside out with a mild detergent on a cold and gentle cycle, or hand washed in cold water, with like colours. Leave them to line dry in the shade. 

Bomber Jacket

Our bomber jacket is made from recycled nylon and recycled polyester with details of cactus leather. 

Machine-wash your bomber inside out on a cold and gentle cycle with like colours, and cool iron if needed once dry. 


Our shell-toe sneakers are made with a canvas upper and flexible rubber sole. 

To clean, brush them off with a shoe brush (or even a toothbrush), then scrub them with a wet brush or damp cloth and mild dish soap. Avoid soaking your shoes, and make sure you’re gentle with scrubbing around the stitching. We advise against using bleach or harsh cleaning products with your sneakers. 

Allow your sneakers to dry in the shade in a well ventilated area, or you can speed up the process by giving them a blow dry (from a distance of about half a metre) for 10-15 minutes before leaving them to air dry. 


Our beanies are made from 100% recycled polyester. 

Machine-wash your beanie on a cold gentle cycle and dry flat. Easy!


Machine-wash your Noskin socks inside out on a cold and gentle cycle with some mild detergent. 

A note on caring for your clothing

Looking after your clothes is one of the best ways to keep your wardrobe environmentally friendly. By properly caring for clothes and shoes, you’re giving them the best chance to last a long time, cutting down on waste and the energy required to produce new garments. Not to mention, it helps the budget when you don’t have to buy new clothes every season.  

If you’re at the end of your journey with a piece of clothing, we encourage you to donate it to a local op shop. Or, if they are truly worn out, bring them back to us and we’ll pass them on to our friends at Homie, who make upcycled pieces out of materials otherwise destined for landfill, right here in Melbourne.

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