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Noskin Our Story

Noskin is the outcome of three people coming together, fusing fashion and the creative culture of Melbourne to create a brand that offered the perfect balance between ethics and aesthetics.

Starting with a vision to produce high-quality vegan shoes and sustainable apparel, the goal for Nōskin evolved to prove that well considered design and durability is the backbone of 'Creative workwear'

Throughout 2020, the company launched the first product collection, focussed on applying modern thinking to timeless styles - designed for the modern creative who wants to look good and feel good knowing their clothing is ethically made.

With a focus on timeless style, our Creative workwear range is perfect for anyone who wants to feel inspired and look good while they live their passion.

When browsing our products you can be sure that all of our items are:

Free from animal products

Staying true to the original vision of Nōskin, you won’t find any materials or practices in our clothing that harm animals. From the materials we use in our Chelsea and combat boots, to the non-leather patches on our denim, we have carefully selected alternative fabrics that we believe will not only match, but exceed their animal product counterparts.

We proudly carry the 'PETA Approved Vegan' accreditation, as a reminder that not only our team, but all of our manufacturers all commit to producing products that do no harm to animals. 

All Quality - No Sacrifice

From our denim sourced in Japan, to our microfibre PU from Spain, and our shoe manufacturer in Brazil running the largest vegan shoe factory in the world, we have carefully selected our suppliers based not only on their ability to manufacture high quality products, but also meet high standards of transparency in their production methods.

Over the coming year, we will be adding new information about our manufacturer accreditations and improving our supply chain transparency to ensure we are always producing garments, with our commitment to ethical fashion at the forefront of our business. 

Committing to sustainability

Sustainable clothing means a lot to us - and we aim have a policy to only produce a garment if the material takes steps in the right direction towards becoming fully sustainable. 

Our Japanese Selvedge denim utilises a recycled cotton blend, our jackets use hemp and organic cotton, all of our basics are 100% organic cotton or are 100% recycled materials and our shoes are either canvas, or made of microfibre PU leather alternatives. For more about sustainability and our microfibre PU, check out the blog post 'Leaving out leather'

Made to last

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we design our products to last as long as possible. Our dream is that the clothes we make today will be in the vintage stores of the future. We don’t just carefully select materials that are built to last, like our unique hemp cotton blends, but we also go the extra mile to ensure our products are constructed with quality in mind. From high standard construction methods such as twin needle felled seams to quality durable trims, we produce garments that are made to be worn and loved for years to come. 

However, we know how it is when you love to wear something so much, it sees the extra wear and tear, so we will be releasing a range of videos with each product launch to show you some tips on how to maintain, repair and extend the life of your Nōskin clothing.

All Quality - No Sacrifice


Noskin Clothing Our Story