Step Up, Stand Out

Noskin vegan footwear

Anything but ordinary. 

Born in 2020, Nōskin is the outcome of fusing fashion and the creative culture of Melbourne to create a range that offers the perfect balance between ethics and aesthetics.

Our designs carry the essence of Melbourne's creative spirit, blending high fashion with that touch of punk rock. It's a nod to the classics, reimagined for today's world. 

In an industry often marked by fleeting trends and ethical shortcuts, Nōskin stands firm on a mission: to shift perceptions about what ethical fashion can be. Because ethical doesn't mean compromising on quality or aesthetic.

With our all-vegan range, we are staking our claim, showing the world that integrity and style aren't mutually exclusive. Every meticulously crafted shoe, every stitch, is a testament to our commitment—fashion that's kind to both the wearer and those who share this planet with us.

Step into the world of Nōskin and you'll discover more than just shoes. Dive into the 'Nōskin Family', a curated showcase of our most-adored artists and musicians, exemplifying our love for the fusion of art, music, and fashion. And because we believe in a tailored shopping experience, we've introduced our online personalised sizing consultation — our way of bringing our love for the boutique store to online shopping.

Join us on this journey, where fashion meets conscience, and where rebellion is redefined with refinement.