Our Philosophy

Nōskin was created to be a brand that would provide uncompromised quality in garments, without ever using any animal products.

However, since the design of our first outerwear item, the ‘Hemp Worker’, sustainability has always been an important consideration in our designs and we carefully select our manufacturing partners, our materials and our processes to make sure we reduce our impact on the environment. 

Across the site, and in all of our product descriptions you can see detailed information about the materials used for each product, but there are key areas throughout our company that support our commitment to not only being cruelty-free, but also an environmentally conscious brand.

Aside from the accreditations that our manufacturers hold, we are proud to say that Nōskin as a company is a partner of 'One Tree Planted' group and a PETA Approved Vegan' brand.

Materials & Sustainability

Garment Construction & Manufacturing

Packaging & Shipping