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The Noskin Black Friday Sale

Noskin black friday sale

Black Friday has always been a whirlwind of discounts and flash sales, a fleeting chance to snag deals that seem too good to be true. But at Noskin, we're not about fleeting moments. We're about lasting impact. So this year, we're flipping the script. Welcome to the Noskin Reverse Sale.

In the face of rising manufacturing costs, which have crept up on all of us, we're taking a stand with our first price change since our launch in 2021. Our core collection will see a price increase of 10% starting December. But here's the twist: before this change, we’re giving you a chance to secure our classic styles at a rate that won't be seen again.

Here's the Deal

Until the stroke of midnight on November 30th, not only can you grab your favorite Noskin pieces at their original price, but we're also slicing an additional $20 off. Take, for instance, our Noskin Combat Boots. Right now, they're on offer for $275, but as the calendar flips to December, they'll rise to $329. That's more than a 15% saving if you act now.

Why Now?

You might wonder why a brand that stands for timeless style and conscious creation would hike up its prices. The answer is straightforward: our production costs are climbing. And while it's tempting to resist this tide, to push back against our partners in Brazil, doing so would go against everything we stand for.

We refuse to be part of a cycle that puts undue pressure on the very hands that craft our products. So instead, we're choosing to share the load. By slightly increasing our prices, we're ensuring that our manufacturing remains sustainable and that every person involved in bringing Noskin to life is compensated fairly.

A sale unlike any other

This isn't your typical Black Friday pandemonium. It's a moment of transparency, a chance to step up and stand out, to make a statement with your style and your values. It's about choosing to invest in footwear that respects both people and the planet.

So, as we navigate these changing tides together, we invite you to take advantage of our Reverse Sale. It’s not just an opportunity to add to your collection; it's a statement of support for ethical fashion and a nod to the craftsmen who make it all possible.

Join Us

We thank you for walking this journey with us and hope our Reverse Sale offers you a chance to step into the holiday season in style and solidarity. If there's anything you're curious about or want to discuss, our inbox is always open.

Here's to making choices that matter – for you, for us, and for the future of fashion.

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Tony & The Noskin Team 🖤

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