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August Favourites - Books of the month

Noskin vegan footwear book of the month blog

As mulled wine makes its quiet departure from the chalkboard of the local bar and the evenings lighten, we’re making the final call for winter nights curled up with a book. So in these precious last weeks of winter, we wanted to share our favourites for August. Hand-picked by the Nōskin founders, here’s what to read while your sandals are defrosting. 

Protest: A History of Social and Political Protest Graphics - Liz McQuiston

Noskin books of the month

From the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s to the #MeToo movement of 2017, Protest documents the posters, graffiti, and photography of efforts and struggles to change the world. 

“These agitational images represent a power struggle; a rebellion against an established order and a call to arms, or a passionate cry of concern for a cause.” - Liz McQuiston

Protest allows you to dip into history and see it through the eyes of the protestors, showing unseen sides to well-known events. By displaying the political art made at the time, the message of these movements is preserved and spoken in the voices of the people that were there. 


Fashion Animals - Joshua Katcher

Written by the founder of Brave Gentleman, Fashion Animals takes a deep dive into the history of animals’ use and exploitation in the fashion industry. Pages glossed with exquisite images from last century’s fashion magazines are interspersed with researched text critiquing the use of animals in the name of beauty, quality and luxury. 


All of these "fashion" choices are a clear expression of cruelty, fed by apathy and ignorance. In this wonderful book, the author skillfully explores the fashion industry, from ancient times to the present, and how it has been a driving force in deciding whether or not people continue to exploit animals in a most horrifying way to satisfy their fleeting perceptions of beauty and wealth.” - Michael Slusher

Katcher writes strongly, but logically, and this book shows exactly why vegan fashion needs to lead as society moves toward a future of ethical consumption. 


Leadbeater - Steve Leadbeater

This one’s for the art nerds. Steve Leadbeater curates his own work to take you on a visual journey through a gallery condensed into book form. From a hand-scribbled labyrinth of words named ‘Fabric of Language’, to twisted bodies of black and red named ‘Dismembered’ and ‘Auto Man’, to photographs of people in his galleries regarding his work - becoming the art themselves. 

“This book is not about explaining the work. Hopefully the work evokes its own unique response from each viewer.” - Steve Leadbeater


The darkness of Leadbeater, encased in its pitch black canvas cover, is a fitting reflection of the last hurrahs of winter. And we’re happy to be flicking through its pages as we begin to stretch out for the warmth of spring once again.


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