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Introducing Noskin Denim

Noskin Japanese Selvedge Denim

The right pair of jeans is a trusted confidant that you can carry through life. Through thick and thin, your jeans are right there with you – so they need to last. We love the feeling of pulling on a well-worn pair of jeans each morning, which is why we poured our heart and soul into crafting the perfect pair: Noskin selvedge jeans.

In a vintage stonewash, a traditional rinse style, or in classic black that goes with anything, these gender-neutral jeans are a classic staple for just about any occasion, helping you through long hours at the studio or letting you relax in comfort during a Sunday sesh. Like all of our products, we’re damn proud to say that our Noskin selvedge denim is vegan, ethically manufactured and made to last using materials that are kind to our planet.

Built for the ages

There’s nothing worse than your favourite jeans losing their shape or tearing, which is why our focus with Noskin jeans is durability. We know the right pair of jeans is an investment. You can wear Noskin with the confidence that these bad boys can withstand just about anything.

Made from a blend of recycled 12.75 oz Kaihara Japanese selvedge denim, these jeans are slightly on the heavier side, making the material less likely to rip or snag. Reinforced belt loops and heavy-duty quality pocket bags mean our jeans are like fine wine: they just get better with age.

Pair them with our Noskin hemp worker jacket for an effortless style, thick enough to keep you warm in winter and strong enough to last for decades (seriously!). Life is hard enough without stressing over what to wear each day, so all of our pieces are designed to pair easily with one another. And yes, it’s totally okay to wear the same jeans day in, day out – we encourage it, actually!

Noskin japanese selvedge denim in black

Why Japanese denim?

Our jeans are made from Japanese selvedge denim, known for its craftsmanship. Selvedge denim refers to the material’s production process. Japan began its own denim production in the 1970s and is now globally recognised by craftspeople as one of the best places to weave selvedge denim.

Selvedge fabric is woven in a way that stops it from fraying and makes it durable, without any additional processing. You’ll notice this in the jean cuffs – it creates a timeless, classic look. Classic selvedge denim is produced on something called a shuttle: a type of loom that gives it tight hemming. Yes, it’s slow, but we love this about selvedge denim. We’re all about slow, sustainable fashion that’s brought to life with intent and consideration.

The result is an iconic, comfortable and durable pair of jeans that’s flattering on everyone, from size 26–36. (If you’re unsure which size is best for you, reach out and we’ll get back to you right away with guidance.)

Noskin Japanese Selvedge Denim Jeans

The ethos of Noskin denim

The environment is at the heart of everything we do – and we know it matters to you as well. We set out to create the highest quality products without using animal products or fast fashion production processes. Good things take time, so our jeans aren’t made off an assembly line; they’re hand-crafted by our trusted manufacturing partner.

Even our labels are made from heavy-duty jacron paper patches, an ethical but long-lasting alternative to leather. We’re keen on recycling as well, as so much fabric goes to waste in the world, so our Noskin jeans are made using 36% recycled cotton content.

It feels good to shop knowing your purchases are minimising the impact to the environment and contributing to fair trade practices. Style and sustainability don’t need to be contradictory, so we set out to design jeans that ethical, stylish consumers could appreciate, even if they aren’t vegan themselves.

Noskin unisex japanese selvedge denim stonewash

It’s all about the details

Durability doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style, so we considered every tiny detail before launching our denim range, ensuring we created that classic, timeless silhouette that everyone wants from their denim.

Like a well-tailored suit or a little black dress, jeans are one of the most iconic pieces of clothing in your wardrobe – trends may come and go, but we wanted our jeans to withstand time. This is why we went for a vintage, classic aesthetic that’s unisex and easy to wear with anything.

In addition to the stonewash, we also created a denim rinse wash and a black denim – darker colours that won’t fade, but will gracefully age in just the right places. While selvedge denim is heavier than other denim types, it’s still extremely soft from day one, so you won’t need need to walk around in stiff jeans for weeks until you can break them in.

We know it’s all about the fit with jeans, so ours just sit just right: not too tight and not too loose. We did this by cutting a classic straight leg with a slightly tapered hem to flatter your look. While our jeans are cut with a high rise, they tend to slouch at the waist but fit snugly on the seat, giving you comfort and ease of movement. We know customers love our jeans for working from home, meeting a mate for a flat white, or unwinding after a long day – so no matter what you’re doing, you won’t feel constricted in Noskin jeans.

Honestly, we hardly ever take ours off, so we hope yours also become your new best friend. Shop our Noskin selvedge denim line today!

Noskin clothing

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