Worn at Work Feat. Studio Ting

Noskin and studio ting


- Venture into any Melbourne industrial area and you never know what you'll find. You may even find yourself walking through a gym to find yourself in one of the coolest looking creative studios - the home of Studio Ting. 

A collaboration between Mikey Ting and Carissa Karamarko, Studio Ting create beautiful hand-crafted art for the home.

Noskin with Studio Ting
- Giving us the full tour of the studio and the work that goes into their hand-crafted pieces, it's clear that there's not only an incredible level of skill present in their studio, but also a passion that can't be replicated. 
Every brush stroke, every meticulously placed item in the workshop and the tips they pass back and forth between each other show attention to detail and a love for the work that was beautiful to see. 
Noskin studio ting

Noskin Studio Ting
- You can see more amazing work from Studio Ting over on Instagram @studioting or on www.studio-ting.com